Yeah Alright, I am an Adult

              I remind myself right from the moment I wake up to the minute I doze off, that being an adult is all about dressing up ones' disappointments. The grace, the poise; to constantly remember and strike a larger pose, the world is watching; yet I fail to realise, the larger disappointment is to have no audience. 

              Life goes in a maze of mundane everydayness, that sometimes I just wish, would slow down. Of late, I do get this vibe, say a feeling, a hunch, call it an instinct that no matter what you do, at the end of the day, you long, just pine to be acknowledged and appreciated. Not to mention that I do know that I over-do some stuff. I just need distance, I need perspective, I need clear thinking, At times a cold and cool, aloof distance hurts. It does.

               Alright. I am an adult, I have learned to care. To not care is to be uncouth. Just a wee bit tired to look at life as an ongoing orgasms of whys! If I had known its going to be this weary all the time, I would have chosen a bit more of innocence than maturity, Kid. 

               I just need a little more time to buckle up. I am not gonna give up, I may scream, I may be a little worn out, and dazed, but I am not going to miss this beautiful opportunity that Life gave me, yet another time on the onset of my thirties to be in someone's life, watch them evolve into that beautiful person, all right before my eyes. I need little more time. Just hold onto a bit tight. It may be a turbulent time now and a bumpy ride. but the future, that is little ahead of you is just unspoiled and yours. Take time, listen out, think out. And remember all along, I promise to be around Kid. I seal my word and send up a thought in Prayer. Take care.


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